Pittsburgh, Day Glow, and Everything Else Pt. 5

Wow… just wow.. Day Glow was fucking incredible!! It’s hard trying to explain how crazy it was. First, I got up from my nap and showered, and got ready to go out. Than Los and I went to Emily’s (Carlos’ Friend) apartment. All of her friends from Youngstown Ohio were there. They were pretty white, listening to acdc while drinking. But they were fucking awesome! They kept feeding us drinks. After getting trashed we started walking to Day Glow. The whole walk there was a mini parade. Everyone was drunk and chanting. As soon as we get at the entrance we hear the loud music and a huge swarm of people wearing white. To be honest, after getting there I dont really remember much else. What I do remember is that I remember being sparked up at least 5 times from people I’ve never met. People were smoking err where! Bongs, j’s, L’s every thing! The music was awesome! The “acts” were sick too. There were performers on stage. I tried to get a video of it, but I was soo trashed that I thought I broke my camera on my phone so I stopped recording near the end of the concert. I danced for 5 hours straight, not an exaggeration. I couldn’t feel my legs at one point. One thing about going to raves is that it is fucking crowded!! I spent half the time trying not to fall from being pushed around. I gotta say though, if you like to dance/like techno and/or dont abuse any substances, dont go, bc its pretty sleazy at these concerts. The paint at the party was sick, but it got in my eye and my mouth. It burned my eye, but not too bad, like getting soap in your eye. It tasted like soap too. I’m pretty sure the paint was made out of soap. The ending of the concert was pretty disappointing though. Everyone kinda expected a big paint finale, but they never did. Pittsburgh is weird. It’s what New York would be if only a quarter of the people who live there, lived there. Pittsburgh doesn’t really go party into late night. The concert started at 6 and ended at 12. That’s pretty early, but it was still crazy. By the end of the night I was beat to shit. We went to get get something to eat at some pizzeria. I ordered like $10 worth of food and ate like one bite -_- I completely forgot I wasn’t hungry. The concert probably doesn’t sound so crazy, but like I said you can’t explain how awesome it was. You have to be there. So I’m going to upload a couple of videos in a little so you get an idea of how crazy it was. Well, now i’m looking for a concert up in connecticut to visit John. So we out :) I kinda just wrote whatever came to my mind, but thats cause i’m on the bus home and its 9am and im exhausted. I can’t sleep on a bus. The seat hurts my butt.

Pittsburgh, Day Glow, and Everything Else Pt. 4

So i’ve been chilling in Carlos’ dorm. It’s fucking huge compared to St. Johns. But there isn’t really a campus just 2 dorm buildings and 1 “school building”. I knocked out from 8 to 2. It was such a good sleep, I didnt have to wake up for class or get woken up by Frank’s same 3 shitty songs. I completely forgot what it feels like to sleep in. The concert is at 6 which is kinda wack, but w.e. We’re going to some Emily’s apartment to pregame before we go. I ate like 3 of Carlos hot pockets. I forgot how crack those were. Well i dont really have much else to write.. sooo the next one I write will prob be after the actual concert.

2 hours and 30 mins away :)

2 hours and 30 mins away :)

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Pittsburgh, Day Glow, and Everything Else Pt. 3

So I just got off the bus at Pittsburgh. It’s so weird being in a city thats not New York. Well, if you read my last post you know i decideed to buy Nyquil. Nyquil fucked my shit up… I took it on an empty stomach bc I didnt really think it would mess me up….. Wrong! So I took it and i started feeling sleepy and I fell alseep and it was good for a little bit, but than I woke up and wanted to dieee. The nyquil was making me sooo tired, but it made my stomach sick at the same time so I tried to sleep but I couldnt sleep. And the whole time this was happening I was in a small ass bus seat with a guy that took the whole arm rest. I ended up asking the guy in front of me to switch seats with me bc he was sitting alone. I sprawled out on two seats and finally ktfo. It doesnt sound that bad, but it was terrible! Well Los actually picked me up (15 mins late) and now im jc in his dorm writing this while hes in class. I just took another nyquil, but i actually ate this time so i should survive. Im too excited to sleep on a real bed so I cant write anymore.

Pittsburgh, Day Glow, and Everything Else Pt. 2

So, i’vee been on the bus from 11. We just stopped at a pit stop now. Buses fuckin suck ass. I got like an Hour of sleep and my neck and butt hurt (no homo). I have no idea who im goin to be on the bus for 6 more hours. Im about to blow $10 on a neck pillow, you know the funny shaped u pillow things. I cant get the bus wifi to work either so im standing out tumblin and its freezing outside! I just want to fall asleep and wake up in pitt. I woke up hhalf the bus with my sneeze… that was kinda awkward. Im also sittin by a guy who snores like its his job. I think im just gonna buy a nyquill Instead and hope it knocks me out bc this bus ride is kiilling me.

we out :)

we out :)

Pittsburgh, Day Glow, and Everything Else Pt. 1

As of now, I’m just sitting in philosophy class trying to make this class go by as fast as possible. It’s only been 15 minutes in…kill me plox. I’m sooo amped to go to Day Glow. My first concert/rave/paint party. More importantly, I have an excuse to get shirtless :D….im not a tool (shut up gabby!) Hopefully everything works out for me tonight in terms of transportation. I need to take the subway home from st johns alone for the first time. I reeaally hope i dont get lost or jumped. Than I need to take a bus back into the city, than find my way to West Side of 9th Ave between 31st and 33rd St. Than im taking an 8 hour bus ride to pitt on megabus at 11:15PM. I get there around 7AM. Carlos better be there to pick me up or ima be pissed… Than I got a bus ride baq on Sunday morning at 7:00AM. The only down side is that I got sick from my flag football game yesterday -_- (…..2 and 0. Roll Tide!!) But i’m assuming that i’ll be soo inebriated that I wont even notice, but just to be safe I’m going to drink a carton of oj. I cant wait to be able to sleep on this bus. I’m exhausted… class is killing me! But, on the brightside I actually understood what the prof was saying in my chem lecture class. Oh! I almost forgot! I had to the craziest “coffee” adventure at St John’s. In short, Gabby likes to risk her life to see if anyone wants to save her.. and dont make her laugh too much, you’ll regret it. If you want to know how everything goes, i’m gonna be posting on the bus ride, before and after the concert. Pretty much any free time I have. I need to give a shout out to my favorite Egyptian: Nirvana Awad!! (dont tell stephanie) 

you pee your pants once while you’re blazed as fuck and you’re all of the sudden a weirdo
shaking my headddd

My Favorite Weirdo

I’m back on tumblr…again. I know all the people at home wanta know what im up to cuz im mad cool nd stuff. Soo.. college is the shiiit. Theres soo many pple and alot to do. The only thing that really kills it is all the school work. Its pretty hectic. I have 13 classes to go to so that sucks.. ratemyproffesors.com will save your life if you know how to use it. Warning everyone from rmhs that you will be fucked in anything science related. College food is turrible!! At first you think its awesome, but after eating the same thing everyday it suckss. For anyone whos wondering I have not gained freshman fifteen so far. Anyone whos in the city hmu. Im kinda just gonna be saying w.e comes to my mind bc thats what i do.. I’m going to pittsburgh this friday to visit carlos (fag). But dayglow is gonna be popping!! Cigarettes in New York cost $10-$12 a pack, might just have to quit…might. Alot of people from cali are here. I have no idea why, but there “hella” cool. Rushing frats is awesome. Anyone in college or going to college should do it. Rushing means to just go to the events and get to know the people in the frat, so pretty much it means free rides to parties, free parties, and and free everything! One of the worst things about St Johns is that there is no wifi in the rooms. Its total bs.. but w.e we manage. If anyones in the city hmu!



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I’m backk :D

Soooo i decided to come back onto tumblr bc i know there r like 3 losers out there that actually like to read my posts lol. Wow i got a lot to write about. soo first thing i need to address. I have never touched the substance known as crack/cocaine/bert/etc. Many people have been saying this but it is 100% not true. Every pound i lost was through running/dieting. It took me about 4 months to lose all of it. It was hard and it didn’t happen overnight even though people didnt really notice until after spring break. Any way.. i got accepted into binghamton which is bonkers. I was on the waiting list, but at least i got in. But the only problem is im not sure how much money im getting from there yet and if i dont get a lot im not gonna be able to go there cuz st johns gave me too much money. Binghamton>St. Johns. Mdw is tom and im pumped! im probably going to be there from sat-mon so if your there and ur not a sophmore guy hmu cuz its gonna be bananas! Prom is only 3 weeks nd im kinda upset that hs coming to an end. But at least i get to meet new ppl ( girls lol (: ) at college. I almost forgot. Huxtable (my guinea pig) got attacked by a fucking animal!! We left him outside during the day and some animal broke the cage and tried to eat him. Luckily, Barnaby is okayy. sooo thats about it. ill probably write another post after mdw

Overnight 2

I got a little lost but nothing too bad. The night life here seems pretty good, but if I go for pharm can’t party too much =/ My host is actualy pretty cool but doesn’t drink. My other person is pretty chill. Pretty excited to meet the other people here.

Overnight College Stay

So today I Just left for an overnight stay at saint johns. I’m going to be writing everything that happens so keep checking my twitter. Well I’m pretty focking excited :) My first real taste of college. I just reeeeally hope my host isn’t a nerd though… That’s gonna suck cause I’m going to be with him all day. I just hope I meet some cool people or at least someone that watches skins (uk). Wish me luck so I don’t get lost on the way either.

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